How does one find good therapists, psychiatrists, or school counselors? What books should I read about bipolar disorder? What are some good informational websites? And what do all these strange psychiatric terms mean?

Despite the greater access to information about mental health available on the web, many persons with bipolar disorder and their family members cannot find needed services. This is because all of this information is in different places. In this section, we bring together much of the information you’ll need to learn to cope with bipolar disorder in yourself or a loved one. To start, we offer a “Glossary of Terms” that provides definitions of the more difficult concepts you’ll run across.

two-minute video profile created by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (

Dr. Miklowitz is Professor of Psychiatry in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the UCLA discusses mental illness talks about his research for bipolar disorder specifically in kids and teens and trying to prevent it.

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Author: David J. Miklowitz, PhD, et al  

Published article from the first study funded by the Danny Alberts Foundation

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Mental Health Humor on cartoon and story by Chato Stewart

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Bring Change 2 Mind Founder Glenn Close and her sister Jessie tell the personal story of how mental illness has affected their family.

Donations page for the UCLA Friends of the Semel Institute
Donations for the Danny Alberts Foundation-funded projects for the Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Clinic ( can be made here.

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Randye Semple, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Author, discusses the benefits of
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for anxious children and adolescents.
Complete Bridging Hearts & Minds of Youth conference audio and video available from More Than Sound:

Donate to the Danny Alberts Foundation at this web site: The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado

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American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is the largest organization of child and adolescent psychiatrists. The site includes many educational materials and extensive lists of available child psychiatrists and how to contact them.

National Institute of Mental Health Publications provides excellent up-to-date information on the symptoms, course, causes and treatment of bipolar disorder. Separate sections are devoted to child and adolescent bipolar illness, suicide, medical treatments, and their side effects, co-occurring illnesses, psychosocial treatments, sources of help for individuals and families, and clinical research studies.

Order free publications: five free fact sheets on bipolar disorder

The Massachusetts General Hospital Bipolar Clinic and Research Program (617-643-2076) provides information, treatment, research, and self-care tools to persons with bipolar disorder and their families.

A blank mood chart in pdf form
can be downloaded from