Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for perinatal women with depression or bipolar spectrum disorder.

Miklowitz, D. J., Semple, R. J., Hauser, M., Elkun, D., Weintraub, M. J., & Dimidjian, S. (2015)

This study examined rates of mood improvement in 39 women who were perinatal (pregnant, postpartum, or planning pregnancy) and who had a lifetime history of major depression or bipolar disorder. The women participated in an 8-week course of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), a group treatment focused on meditation practices. Participants with major depressive disorder (n = 27) reported improvements in depression from before to after the 8-week treatment, with no further mood deterioration by 6 months. Mood symptoms did not change over time in the women with bipolar disorder (n = 12). This study was limited by its uncontrolled design and heterogeneous sample. Nonetheless, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy may be an important component of care for pre-conception, pregnant, and postpartum women with histories of major depression.