Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression

Zindel V. Segal
J. Mark G. Williams

Second edition publishers date November 2012

November 2012
ISBN 978-1-4625-0750-4
Cat. #0750

From Guilford Press:

This bestselling work, now in a new edition, has introduced tens of thousands of clinicians to mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression (MBCT), an eight-week program with proven effectiveness. Step by step, the authors explain the "whys" and "how-tos" of conducting mindfulness practices and cognitive interventions that have been shown to bolster recovery from depression and prevent relapse. Clinicians are also guided to practice mindfulness themselves, an essential prerequisite to teaching others. More than 40 reproducible handouts are included. Book purchasers get access to a companion Web page featuring downloadable audio recordings of the guided mindfulness practices (meditations and mindful movement), plus all of the reproducibles, ready to download and print in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. A separate Web page for use by clients features the audio recordings only.

New to This Edition
Incorporates a decade's worth of developments in MBCT clinical practice and training.
Chapters on additional treatment components: the pre-course interview and optional full-day retreat.
Chapters on self-compassion, the inquiry process, and the three-minute breathing space.
Findings from multiple studies of MBCT's effectiveness and underlying mechanisms. Includes studies of adaptations for treating psychological and physical health problems other than depression.
Audio files of the guided mindfulness practices, narrated by Dr. Segal, on two separate Web pages—one for professionals, together with the reproducibles, and one just for clients.
See also the related title for clients: Many MBCT therapists recommend the bestselling self-help guide The Mindful Way through Depression (by Drs. Williams, Teasdale, Segal, and Kabat-Zinn) to their clients.

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