Patients Testimonials

“I feel like my overall quality of life has dramatically improved; my relationship with myself, my husband, my dog, my family has become less of a struggle, and I’ve been able to enjoy life fully for the first time in what seems like forever.”

“I’ve become able to recognize patterns in thoughts and behaviors as patterns in and of themselves instead of what I previously thought were facts. The ability to react mindfully before I am emotionally hijacked is such an amazing experience.”

“I’ve noticed my general outlook on life is remarkably better since starting this program and I know that continued practice will help keep me in emotional balance and allow me to enjoy my life despite the inevitable ups and downs that come with manic-depression.”

“This has truly changed my life and I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn MBCT. I can live in less fear of depression now, knowing that I have a powerful tool to help me.”

“It has introduced me to skills and processes that I otherwise would never have learned…I’ve become more aware of my thought processes and how they lead to negative moods.”

“I’ve recommended the course to my sister and talk about it with everyone I know.”

“I see this course as a lifeboat…I will place (mindful meditation) as a high priority in my daily routine.”

This course has taught me that I am more than my label- “depressed”… My thoughts are just thoughts! ...This class gave me the tools to figure out what self-care activities (are helpful) and when I need to do them.”

“I would also like to say that I got off my antidepressant medication…I now have meditation to fall back on…I feel better than ever.”