Danny Alberts Story

Danny Alberts was a kind, generous, intelligent and multi-talented individual who touched the lives of many before he passed on. As the photo seen here so aptly displays, his sense of humor and smile lifted people wherever he went.

As a sensitive person who never wanted to be a burden to those around him, few knew of his dark, private suffering due to Bipolar Disorder. Even for those of us who knew of his illness, the full truth was hidden in the shadows.

When the world lost Danny, they lost the best of what he had to give. And yet, before he passed on, Danny had the presence of mind to ask a few friends to do something that would help bring about significant changes in treatment and offer greater hope to others who suffer from Bipolar Disorder. He also provided seed funding for this cause. And so the Danny Alberts Foundation carries on in Danny’s spirit, so that others might have the chance Danny never had.

Danny during his college days at Colorado State University.
There was always more to life than merely obtaining an education.

Danny and his wife Carolyn. They were two peas in a pod!